Our Brake Pads

The R-4 brake pad was the first and original pad from Porterfield made from Carbon Kevlar. Being able to maintain an average of .50 friction level within a very wide temperature range gives the R-4 pad astounding versatility and makes it very suitable for a wide array of various track conditions.

The Carbon Kevlar allows the pads to warm quickly up to race temperature, ideal for restarts and when track time is limited. The R-4 Compound requires minimal bed-in and optimum operating temperatures of 450F – 1200F and able to maintain an average of .50 friction level within a very wide temperature range.
The R4-E brake pad is very similar to the original R-4 pad compound, except the Carbon Kevlar is will last a bit longer. Porterfield’s R4-E pads have an average friction level of .460 and perform best at temperatures averaging over 600F. The R4-E compound is designed to endure higher prolonged temperatures and still have pad life as long or longer than Porterfield R-4.

This pad is great for club enduro events and applications where temperatures are at their maximum. The R4-E not only requires less of your time and money, but means you can spend more time focusing on improving other areas of your car.
The R4-1 is designed for vehicles that have trouble keeping heat in their pads, such as vintage and classic vehicles. Developed and tested in the vintage racing community, the R4-1 gives an average friction level of .56 with peak levels up to .600.

Having tremendous stopping power, the R4-1 pad material can reach upward of .5 friction level when pad temperature is a very low 200F. Drivers can still have a high friction brake pad without the worry of the pad becoming too cold to be effective. For use when pad temperatures are under 600F and peak temperatures are not over 1000F. The R4-1 is an excellent auto-cross, off-road and rally-cross pad material.
The Porterfield R4-S compound is a top performer in the street/performance market with the R4-S compound giving more friction level (up to .41) than OEM pads. Offering fast stopping power with minimum amount of pedal effort making them ideal for prolonged everyday street driving and capable of enduring severe use without fade.

The R4-S compound provides low noise and dust levels whilst also being rotor friendly. Perhaps one of the best overall performing, clean, and quiet everyday high performance driving brake pads ever made and still able to take the abuse from occasional track and road events.
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